Winter Internship 2013


A group of The Field School internship mentors pose in their Team WIN t-shirts.

Winter Internship is a unique program to The Field School that has been in place since 1976. It began with the intention of providing students with a chance to spend two weeks pursuing fields of interest that would allow them to learn, grow, and gain new experiences outside of the classroom. Below are several students’ account of their most recent Winter Internship.

Jules Feeney and Ezra Wright interned together with Earth Conservation Corps. During their internship, Jules and Ezra both worked, along with their Internship host, on an article about the Anacostia Raptor Watch with Earth Conservation Corps/Wings Over America. Below is a piece of the email they sent out to everyone associated with the organization-


Ezra Wright learns about wild species of birds during his internship with the Anacostia Raptor Watch.

Jules and Ezra: “Hello friends and partners of the Earth Conservation Corps. As many of you know, for the past few weeks we have been working to finalize an outline for our Anacostia Raptor Watch program. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate our organization’s mission: To empower our endangered youth. To reclaim the Anacostia River, their communities and their lives. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to working with you.”

Jules and Ezra then sent their draft out to all members of the Earth Conservation Corps community — an impressive feat for two high school students! Their work was integral to the creation of the article and subsequently to the entire organization.

Max Liffman helped out, over internship, at Bethesda Pet Shoppe, where he was immersed in many aspects of the retail pet business.  He did much feeding of the animals, cleaned cages, inventory work, helped customers and even was able to learn how to use the register.  His hosts loved him and would have hired him if he were old enough!


Steven Brenner poses for a smile in the office with Senator Tim Kaine.

Steven Brenner interned with Senator Tim Kaine. “One highlight was accompanying the Senator to the Senate floor and breathing in democracy.  Another was feeling welcomed by the Senator’s Chief of Staff and talking soccer with him.”

Steven had worked on the Kaine campaign during the summer and fall, so he knew the ropes, and understood the tasks of setting up a new Senate office. Steven’s supervisors kept saying how lucky they were to have him, that he was a huge help, and that they were going to miss him when internship ended.


Eva Shuman earns her WIN button.

Eva Shuman interned at the Arlington Food Assistance Program. “One highlight of my internship was doing the distribution of food to the people who come to the food shelf,” Eva remarked. “It was really nice to meet the people that we were helping out and to know that they truly get what they need because of the organization. During the internship I did client food distribution, produce bagging, warehouse and food organization, and I worked on different small projects such as gardening.”

By the end of Eva’s internship she was leading tours of new volunteers and showing them the ropes of the program. She was described as superior in every way. Her hosts were impressed with her confidence and skills and her ability to handle every task passed her way. Yet another successful internship experience from The Field School!


Brandon Golden, in his element.

Brandon Golden has worked in three film internships, starting with Guggenheim Productions in grade 10, and Loki Films with Alumni Rachel Grady in 11th. This year Brandon assisted with a TV show called Turn and Burn, writing transcripts and pitching his own ideas.

“I enjoyed using advanced software,” Brandon added. “I got good learning experiences for [the future].” These will come especially in handy over the summer, because Brandon was offered a summer internship to continue his work.

Kendall Close interned with Social Driver, a digital consulting agency. Kendall: “A highlight was doing client research for a company making an electric motorcycle and helping them figure out the demographic they should appeal to.  Another highlight was working with people who trusted me with big projects and treated me like an adult.”

Kendall’s supervisor, as well as another owner of the company, expressed their pleasure with Kendall’s performance in the office. They noted how great Kendall was at self-managing herself throughout the day – a truly successful first Field internship experience for Social Driver.

math counts (Cohen)

Jana Cohen is in the center, posing with several other middle school students.

Jana Cohen interned at her former elementary school, Janney, in a 3rd grade classroom. She was a wonderful asset to the teacher and school.  The teacher Jana was working with took ill during the second week of internship and had set up a lesson plan for text-based discussions about local, state and federal governments as well as the Bill of Rights. It turned out that the substitute was confident enough in Jana to have her lead the class on those subjects while the substitute observed. Jana did a terrific job presenting the material and leading the class in discussion.

Roy Seitz-McLeese and Aaron Kopchik interned at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. 

Roy: “My favorite part of the internship was building a sea perch [underwater robot] in the lab.  Soldering switches and buttons on the circuit board was also fun.  My advice [to other students] is to check out the Hot Leads board, because that’s how I found my internship.”

From the Naval Surface Warfare Center Host: “For activities, we first started each student with learning a new skill. Both were introduced to the Computer Aided Design software package, Rhino.  Both Roy and Aaron picked up on the tool quickly and they finished the tutorials in record time. We then introduced them to Navy hull form design by having them generate hull shapes through a computer program called HULLGEN.  Next up for them was creating a 3-D model of a shaft dynamometer that will be used for an upcoming Navy submarine test.

In addition to the technical work they accomplished, we also provided each an opportunity for some hands-on activities and on their last day with us, Roy and Aaron helped out and supported the visit of 100 middle school students who were with us as part of our STEM outreach initiative. Both students were pleasures to host and are, yet again, great representatives of the high standards expected of students from The Field School.”


About The Field School

The Field School is an independent school for grades 6-12 located at 2301 Foxhall Rd, NW, Washington DC.
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