Annual Senior-Young Alumni Lunch


Mollie Schear ’12, speaks to the seniors about her college experiences so far.

Several Field alumni share their thoughts on returning to Field for the annual senior-young alumni lunch, where the grads discuss life after Field with the soon-to-be most recently graduated senior class. 

For me being at Field has always been a treat and this visit in particular was a special one. It was my first appearance back as an alumna. Everything felt different to me. I was no longer rushing in line to get lunch or cramming to sit in the Hub. I could be an outsider visiting the places where I used to live.

Having been through a semester of college, I felt that it was time to go back to my roots and offer my experiences to The Field School class of 2013 because in just a few months they would graduate and start a new part of their life, just like me.

To the class of 2013: Although we only had 80 minutes to shed light upon one of the biggest journeys of anyone’s life, we did our best as an alumni panel to illuminate anything and everything that could be thrown your way. People talked about the important details of making friends that will last, and about managing time wisely. As an alumni panel we also felt that it was key to stress was a truly great leap this experience is, and how important it is to take it all in and enjoy. I was also able to throw in my two cents about getting into sports and sciences in college, which are both great time commitments that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


The alumni panel listens to questions posed to them by the seniors.

The alumni lunch is such an important and meaningful opportunity for the seniors to hear from a diverse group of people about their college and gap year experiences.  Some of us, like me, have only been out of Field for a semester, while others have been out of Field for four years and are about to complete or have already completed college.

I remember last year sitting in a crowd of seniors feeling like I had the scariest thing in the world in front me, but I wish I could have told my senior self now to really listen to what the alumni had to offer. Everything that was touched upon in the lunch I have now either experienced first hand or seen happen to a friend.

The lunch is a helpful tradition for seniors but also alumni because it establishes a culture of sharing experiences and validating the feelings that we all felt our first few months of college. It was great to see my fellow classmates and alums back at Field.


Coco Wang smiles with two friends before sitting down to chat about college.

Coco Wang, class of 2012, took the time to also share her thoughts both on college and on returning to Field as an alumna.

Even though there are a lot of physical changes to Field, such as new renovations, my feelings towards the school have not changed. It’s always intimate, warm and home-like. I think the most important thing for the seniors to understand about college is that they need to learn how to protect and utilize their time. And of course, college is fun and I’m sure they will all enjoy it!

Kevin Gardner, class of 2012, chimed in with his thoughts as well.

Visiting Field was a great experience. I have been so excited about the college experience and what I have learned, I have just been itching to tell my peers about it. Not so much the classes I have been taking, but rather how I have approached the whole experience. I feel that college is as much about the attitude you have when you approach it as it is the feelings you have during it. I want the seniors to know as much as they can about the approach to college for two reasons. First, to alleviate any nervousness they may have about it and second, so that they can have the best experience when they first arrive at college. Visiting Field as a recent graduate made me feel at home. I know I am no longer an active member of the community, but I am always welcome to be involved.


About The Field School

The Field School is an independent school for grades 6-12 located at 2301 Foxhall Rd, NW, Washington DC.
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