Bridget McKeogh on Field Athletics

For four years Bridget McKeogh worked as the assistant Athletic Director in Field’s Athletics Office. This year, Bridget made the transition to AD and is working with new assistant AD Erik Borresen. In addition to her athletic duties, Bridget teaches Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry and a sixth grade World Cultures class.

I have been an athlete and athletic supporter my entire life.  I truly got the bug when I played AAU basketball as a kid.  There is nothing quite like being part of a team, sharing victories and struggles and working towards a common goal.  I hope that Field’s athletic department allows young athletes to feel that same sense of comradery and fulfillment through sports.

Field’s athletic program is quite unique.  Everyone gets a chance to play.  Erik and I, along with the coaches, hope to meet all of our athletes at their level, while pushing each individual to be their best.  I love that at Field, if we have 47 boys try out for high school basketball, we don’t cut players, we add another team!  This allows the coaches to put each athlete in the best situation possible: a competitive varsity team with a very full schedule, a junior varsity team to hone skills get game experiences or a third varsity where there is a bit more flexibility and a schedule of games where all the teams are focused on sportsmanship, fitness and the love the of the game.

Bridget and Erik—making Field sports GO for 2012-13!

Erik Borresen is the most recent addition to the Field Athletic Office as he takes over the role of Assistant Athletic Director. Erik originates from the small, but exciting town of West Bend, Wisconsin and finished his undergraduate studies at Lawrence University (Appleton, WI) in 2011. He has been most intimately involved with the game of basketball both as a player and a coach, and still considers it his first love. However, he has experience with a wide variety of sports and is currently most excited about his assistant coaching duties with the Field JV Girls Soccer team.

I believe that playing on a sports team does so much more than simply providing a physical workout. Learning how to work together as a team, how to rebound from a difficult practice or a disappointing performance, and how to push yourself to become better than you were the day before are lessons that are best taught through team sports. This approach to athletics meshes well with the many opportunities The Field School affords its students, and I look forward to promoting this mindset throughout the Field community.

Another important piece of athletics that sometimes gets overlooked is how sports can bring a community together.  As a teacher at Field, I see my students everyday for 40 minutes.  I see their parents twice a year: on back to school night and at conferences.  I rarely meet their siblings or grandparents.  But as a coach, I see my athletes’ families on a regular basis.  We celebrate, we battle, we talk about what we can do better next time—all together.  Sports bring us all closer, which makes our community even stronger.

The fall is off to great start, and we have many months exciting athletics to come!

—Bridget McKeogh


About The Field School

The Field School is an independent school for grades 6-12 located at 2301 Foxhall Rd, NW, Washington DC.
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